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The Stamp Duty holiday isn’t over at Cubis Bruton. Acorn Property continue to offer the chance for new buyers to benefit from savings on their new home. We caught up with Celia Willis, our Sales Advisor to find out a little more about what’s happening at the sought-after Bruton site…

Strong interest continues for our remaining properties in this magical town, where artisan delicatessen meets delicious local produce, where there is a Michelin starred restaurant and where there is a world-renowned art gallery set in glorious countryside in this ancient part of Somerset.

There is little nod to the more traditional type of modern housing developments in terms of how these houses present themselves, some with dramatic sloping sedum roofs and terraces and all of them taking full advantage of any available light, with huge triple glazed windows creating  the best solar gain and thermal insulation. This means that the buildings require less energy input, an aspect of these new builds which appeals to all our visitors.

Once inside, this becomes very evident. The light invited in by the massive windows and lofty ceilings is immensely flattering to many interior designs, whilst the huge glass doors opening onto the garden provide an alluring view into the green backdrop. The first residents moved in around 18 months ago and whilst everyone has a different aesthetic, the houses respond brilliantly to accommodate anything from mid-century Scandi-to-French provincial style.

The house design provides a great talking point and the concept of the houses also engages curiosity and interrogation. One of the merits of the design is that it shows people how houses can be built so that they are sociable and sustainable both in construction and use. This is underpinned by the surrounding natural landscape and the public open spaces forming part of the development.


For sale: an exterior view of the modernistic house design at Cubis Bruton. 


Sitting at the front of the development, the Cubis Bruton marketing suite is the hub.  We are open 10am-5pm by appointment and over the past year or so I have also conducted viewings over WhatsApp or Facetime – initially a challenge but so useful when some clients have been unable to travel.  There is always demand for brochures, booking visits, queries about availability of houses – the day is always full. It is such a privilege meeting new visitors and keeping in touch with residents and hearing their thoughts about our houses.  There is such a strong sense of community and identity in Bruton and this clearly extends to Cubis and its population – and this may be why many are keen to move here.

At Cubis Bruton,  Acorn have taken a fresh look at highly efficient house building; have built houses which sit comfortably within the local landscape whilst marrying this with uplifting design which looks towards the future.

Find out more about Cubis Bruton here.

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