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A lovely thank you letter from the organisers of The East Harptree Flower Show

Dear Sue and all at Lodestone,

Thank you so much for all your support for the East Harptree Flower and Crafts Show 2020. This year was our 30thanniversary year and faced with so much worry, change and confusion, we weren’t sure if it would happen at all.

We’re so grateful that you helped make it happen. Without your sponsorship it would have been a very different affair and not nearly so plain sailing.

The day itself was a roaring success, with social distancing adhered to, the sun shining and, we estimate, around 200 people from the village and beyond coming. There was a BBQ, bar and vast quantities of veg, cake, flowers and crafts. It was a lovely way to bring the community together to celebrate and to raise money for our play area.

The play area isn’t funded by the government, its upkeep is maintained by volunteers who rely on money from fundraising to keep it safe and working. We are delighted to say then, that we managed to raise, at first estimate, £2500. These are vital funds for the coming year.

In the lead up we used Facebook a lot, last month reaching over 2500 accounts. Our post asking people to download the programme reached 2,000 accounts alone.

We posted about Lodestone several times on our Facebook page, including one post introducing the company. The Lodestone banner was out in full force and the magazines on the entry table. Our MC also made special mention of the help you’ve given to the Show too.

Thanks again and we look forward to perhaps working with you in the future!

Best wishes,
The East Harptree Flower and Crafts Show Committee

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