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Sexism fell out of fashion a few years ago and feminism became a dirty word. However, in the millennial days of #metoo, talking about making it in a man’s world is back in vogue again. Especially in property. For example, a recent exhibition at Tate St Ives by artist Emily Speed looked at how it’s mostly men who design houses but women who spend time in them. Type ‘women in property’ into Google and a raft of posts come up calling for the gender balance to be redressed (according to industry data only 15% of people working in the UK property industry are women). However, talk to 21st century women-led estate agents and you’ll hear tales of empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit alongside the challenge of being taken seriously.

‘Many men comment that they like working with a female-led business because it seems more organised and empathetic.’

Take the experience of Lodestone Property, who’ve just opened a division in Dorset. ‘We know anecdotally that some male-run estate agents were flippant about our abilities when we first started out,’ explains Sue Macey, who co-founded her business with estate agent Cathy Morris-Adams. ‘We were underestimated as a threat to their business primarily on the basis of our sex.’ Yet four years later, they have three thriving branches in the South West, a team of fifteen and have won several industry awards whilst being shortlisted for more. ‘Ironically,’ adds Sue, ‘any negative comments about us being a woman-led firm just strengthens our resolve to be even more successful.’

The full article was published in The Sherborne Times, March 2020. You can read the full article here

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