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It’s so exciting when you find a buyer for your home. But if you’ve moved more than once, you’ll know that while the path to your new front door maps out a fresh start, it can also be a rocky road of set-backs and slow-downs. Which is why, when choosing an estate agent, you should ask yourself which company can actually get the job done.

We have a 96% success rate of selling homes, a result to which we attribute not only good old-fashioned communication and modern marketing techniques, but also the work of a dedicated Sales Progressor, who oversees the sale once an offer has been accepted. Rachel Badrick, who lives in Somerset and formerly worked for conveyancing solicitor, Rosamund Coppen & Co in Bath, is our current incumbent. Eager to learn more about her and the part her job plays in our success, we persuaded Rachel to take time out of her busy day to explain more about her role and its importance.


Hello Rachel. Please describe your duties

It’s my responsibility to keep a sale on track to completion, not allowing it to fall through because of a technical or administrative difficulty. For example, I inform the vendor’s solicitor if the buyer’s mortgage has an expiry date – information like this helps them prioritise.  I see Sales Progression as an essential role, one which requires diplomacy, honesty and genuine care for the client. Selling or buying a house is often a stressful time for everyone involved; emotions run high, so sometimes just listening to someone’s frustration is part of what I do. At the end of the day both parties want the same outcome and I am here to facilitate that.

What skills are essential to your role?

Communication. Be it an email on a Saturday evening or a phone call late on a Wednesday, the ability to react quickly, offer reassurance and keep everyone informed is essential. Also, the ability to problem-solve is paramount. Having worked in conveyancing I know there is always a solution, you just need to find it. It helps that we [Lodestone Property] work with some brilliant local solicitors who are always willing to speak with me.

Why do you think your job is so important to a property sale?

Being the one point of contact once a property goes under offer means that I have all the information from both parties and my time is solely dedicated to seeing the sale through. The added value this role brings to a vendor cannot be underestimated. Agencies that compete on fees alone add no value.

How soon do you contact a vendor?

As soon as a property has been listed, as this helps me understand the objectives of our client and their ideal timescale once they have accepted an offer. Then, once an offer has been accepted, I contact the buyer so that they know I’m there to help progress their purchase.

Describe one of the most rewarding recent results

I helped to make two connected sales happen for really lovely clients and purchasers who were being frustrated by their solicitors. It felt as if they had locked horns and neither would give a millimetre, they had forgotten that they needed to find solutions and help their respective clients move home.  Getting the call to say they had finally exchanged after weeks of delicate negotiations, calls at 8am on Saturdays, or 9pm on Sundays, was truly satisfying. Two lovely families had new wonderful homes and as a team we had made it happen.

Finally, what are your top 5 tips to help ensure a smooth and successful sale?


  • Pick the right agent, like Lodestone. Choose the one who will go the extra mile for you and who understands your property – if they fall in love with it, they will be passionate about it, which will sell it.
  • Pick the right solicitor. Ask what their capacity is to progress your sale / purchase and if they know the local area. Local knowledge really does help.
  • Get your paperwork in order. If your solicitor is provided with all the information they need it will speed up the sale process and prevent delays.
  • Tidy up. Not every purchaser can see through a very personalised property, so make it easy for them to visualise living there with their furniture, family, pets and friends.
  • Ensure your property is well-maintained. Most buyers have a survey, so if you make the effort to ensure a property is presented in good order there will be less chance of negotiating on price either at the start, or further along the sale when a survey report identifies issues.
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