We’re delighted that from next month Alex Relf will be taking over the reins as our Wells Branch Manager. 

“I’m a local girl, born and bred” says Alex Relf, from our office in Chamberlain Street in Wells, Somerset. “Somerset is my home turf.”  Alex will be our new Wells Branch Manager, taking over from Charlie Arymtage who is leaving for pastures new in Devon. “It’s a really nice opportunity.” She adds, “I have worked alongside Charlie for a good couple of years so I pretty much know the ropes.”

She’s underselling herself there! Alex joined Lodestone Property in 2018, a month after we opened in Wells and has since proved herself to be a brilliant relationship builder and consummate organiser. She spent her twenties working in property in London, working in the Fulham office of Douglas & Gordon (recently bought by the Foxtons Group) before moving back to Somerset in 1998 with her then-young family. From 2002 she spent the next seven years running a very successful deli in Wedmore with her sister-in-law, a business they only sold when their family commitments became a priority. Then, as Alex’s children grew older, she gradually started working part-time for Savills and Knight Frank until joining Lodestone.

Alex has found the right fit for her, because not only do we market premium properties, but she “really likes the crowd she works with.” What does she love most about her job? “One of my things is that I do really listen and I get a real buzz of putting a person to a property” she continues. “If you listen carefully enough you can find the opportunity. I can’t explain how it happens, but it is an adrenaline rush.” She is also passionate about interior design and is currently redecorating her home in Wedmore. For fun she likes Soul Shack at The Sheppey near Godney, The Bishops Eye in Wells and The Swan at Wedmore, but she’s currently very focussed on what she can bring to her new job.  “I can’t wait to start building on existing relationships and pushing the branch forward even more, especially into new areas in Wells and Wedmore. “ she enthuses. “I’m also looking forward to developing the Wells team.”

We know great things are ahead for Alex – and for our business too.

Alex’s top tips for buying and selling property

  1. To vendors, I’d say, trust us to do the best job for you and that we will price it right because we are really good at what we do. Also, it’s a bit boring, but presentation really is key.
  2. To buyers I’d say be as open as possible and trust our judgement as we might suggest a slightly different area to what you first thought. Also the more information you can give us about what you are looking for the better, so we can find you that dream home.

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