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Get to know our lettings advisor and find out why rubber ducks float her career boat…

Lettings Advisor Rosa Clutterbuck in the office

Hello, please introduce yourself

I’m Rosa Suzanne Clutterbuck and I’m the Lettings Advisor for the Bruton and Shaftesbury offices for Lodestone Property.I was born in Salisbury and grew up near Tisbury before going to schools in Somerset – Hazelgrove and Millfield Senior School. I’m currently living back with my family near Baltonsborough. The main reason of course being that our dog Minnie is there!

We moved around a lot when I was young, due to my family being always being involved in development projects. It was a lot of fun and I gained a lot of knowledge about the three counties from a young age – Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

What’s your career history?

I didn’t fancy going to university after school – I wanted to start working as soon as possible. I worked in Somerset for nearly a year as a Sales Advisor at another agency then decided I wanted to hit the London property scene. I spent nearly four years there as a Property Manager based in Fulham, Chelsea & Notting Hill. However, after renting for that period of time and with the events of this crazy and unpredictable year [2020], I decided to come home at the beginning of lockdown in March and have a break from London.

What do you love about estate agency and in particular, Lettings?

I’ve always loved properties. My family have always been into restoration and I think that exposure to building sites and growing up in older properties instilled an early interest. The Lettings side is always moving and dynamic, it’s exciting finding tenants properties and pairing landlords and tenants together.

What do you love about Dorset?

Finding fossils and going swimming in the cold swells. Dorset summer holidays inspired the author Enid Blyton’s novels about the Famous Five and their adventures. We would always go there on short trips as a family as there are so many stunning beaches to go to along the Jurassic coast. It has a very traditional English feel –  quite magical.

What do you love about Somerset?

I always feel nostalgic about Somerset, as most of my childhood friends still have family homes there and we get to see each other when everyone wants to escape the city. I love the pretty pockets of villages dotted around with the properties built in the local stone to the area.

Why do you like working for us (no pressure!)

It’s a modern and forward-thinking company. Everyone is very friendly and very good at what they do. It’s not your typical hierarchical agency where you have to read out your numbers at the end of the month!  It’s a very refreshing place to work.

What are your top tips for renters when looking?

Register with agents, make sure you have a chat with them about what you’re looking for.

What are your top tips for  landlords when choosing tenants?

We suggest our landlords meet their potential new tenants. It is great to have that positive relationship from the beginning.

Funniest thing that has ever happened to you in your career?

There are plenty, one that still makes me laugh though is one of my over seas Landlords used to send me a rubber duck every month for nearly a year. It was very random but he thought it was hilarious, I had them all on my desk in London.

Rosa used to receive rubber ducks from a client

And the thing that made you go ahhh?

A previous landlord actually named her baby after me which was very touching. We still keep in contact now and she is still in London with 2 year old Rosa!

To contact Rosa about rental opportunities and availabilities in Somerset and Dorset, call 01749 605002 or email

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